With 160 years of success and counting, MTD Walkers PLC has risen to the forefront of infrastructure development in Sri Lanka. Through its various subsidiaries, MTD Walkers PLC has developed an impeccable record of delivering innovative solutions to all areas of engineering, including piling, mechanical engineering, construction of roads and bridges, power generation and marine engineering. Both local and international clients have relied on us for a variety of infrastructural needs, and we have returned their trust with exceeding results.

Walkers CML Properties is a fully owned subsidiary of MTD Walkers PLC that is partnered with the BOI and the Ministry of Public Administration and Management. Our purpose is to fulfil the burgeoning need for affordable, sustainable homes in Sri Lanka.

The company has ventured into private projects in Colombo 10 – Ascent and Nugegoda – Grace, also partnering up with the NHDA targeting accelerated middle income owners in the country.

For more information on MTD Walkers PLC and its subsidiaries, please visit www.mtdwalkers.com


To be Sri Lanka’s No.1 Engineering and Infrastructure Solutions Provider. (General Vision)


Mr.Jehan Prasanna Amaratunga

“As Sri Lanka enters a renewed phase of economic growth, we at Walkers CML are proud to say that we will be playing an integral role in infrastructure development, pushing the nation forward as a result. We understand that our solutions will need to cater to all classes of society in order to prove effective, and we are more than up to the task, rising to live up to our legacy of over 160 years of excellence. With the resources and expertise at hand, we are confident that our efforts will result in positive effects on both the economy and quality of life; effects that resound for centuries to come.”


We seek to enable and implement infrastructure projects, ranging from innovative design, to funding and development. Leveraging on our core capabilities in engineering, we seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders, whilst acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. (General Mission)


  • Integrity : above all, professional and personal.

  • Innovation : combined with commercial acumen, as the means to competitiveness.

  • Excellence : striving to be the best-in-class in all our pursuits.

  • Team work : working together towards a common vision.

  • Recognition : giving due credit for staff and other stakeholder contribution, as a means of motivation and building a healthily working relationship in a transparent manner.

  • Responsibility : for all actions that impact people, resources, society and the environment.


John Walker was born on 24th August 1819 in Doune, near Stirling in Scotland to a Cobbler, James Walker and his wife Christina Strang...

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